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Capacity 6Lt

Fire performance 34A 233B

Extinguishing agent 5,49L WATER+SP104/11+KB133/13

Operating temperature

Propelant Gas 55gr CO2

+5°C to +60°C

Average discharge time 35,3sec

Test pressure 30bar

Volume of equipment 7,3 Lt

Cylinder height 435 ± 2 mm

Cylinder diameter 162 ± 2 mm

Cylinder neck thread 74 x 2 mm

Cylinder material DC01

Valve material AL6061

Safety valve 22-26 bar

Internal cartridge material ST52

Approx. Gross Weight 10,7Kg

Approx. Dimensions 545 x 170 mm

Paint Finish RAL 3000

Packing Details Atomic Carton Box

Max allowable pressure 20bar


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