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HS DEWOFIREmanual fixed hose reel is designed for fire fight purposes

only and up to EN671 and EN694 Standard.

Product Data

Please Note

In accordance with EN 671, hose for firefighting must be limited to 20m for

19mm (3/4’’) hose, and 25mm (1’’) hose


1. A suitable and accessible location should be selected. The surface must be

suitable to withstand a horizontal pull on the reel

2. Mark out four mounting holes as per dimension and position of the bracket

in the drawing.

Model Hose specification


Reel Height







Min. Cabinet





19mmÅ~20m/25m/30m 720 555 230 650Å~750Å~240

25mmÅ~20m/25m/30m 720 555 260 650Å~750Å~280


3. Drill the holes as marked to suit the prepared fasteners. Make sure that the point at

which the Hose Reel is to be mounted is the horizontal centre-line on which the reel rotates.

Leak Location Remedy Leak Location Remedy

Ball valve and inlet elbow Tighten joints Hose-waterway joint Renew Clips

Ball valve Renew valve Hose Renew hose

Nozzle Replace nozzle Waterway-inlet pipe Renew O-ring seal

4. Tighten the bracket onto the wall according to the holes, with prepared four

fasteners. Lift the fire hose reel into position, behind the lugs of the bracket,

ensuring the hinge assembly is level.

5. Connect outlet end of the landing valve onto the fire reel waterway and

fasten waterway pipe to the bracket stably.

6. Connect the water supply pipe onto inlet end of the valve

7. Carry out the fire reel commissioning as maintenance laid down in EN 671-3

8. Check ease of hose withdrawal in any direction and check for leaks and

rewind hose in accordance with Name Plate instructions.

9. If being installed in a cabinet, depth of the cabinet should still allow the guide

arm to protrude. The support bracket is mounted on the back of cabinet when

fitted with the inlet pipe to connect the supply pipe.


1 Open the valve, pull hose towards fire, open nozzle to spray/jet and aim at

base of fire.

2 After use, close the valve, drain water from hose, rewind the hose and close


Operating Parameters

Water supply from 2 BAR to 12 BAR pressure.


6 monthly and yearly inspections check for leaks as table

All 6 monthly and annual inspections and service should be carried

out by qualified personnel who are familiar with EN671-3

requirements for maintenance records and tagging.

Annual Inspection Procedure

The hose should be fully run out, put under pressure and the following

points checked.

A. Hose reel is unobstructed and free from damage and components not

corroded or leaking operating instructions are clear and legible

B. The location is clearly marked

C. Brackets for wall mounting are suitable for their purpose and fixed and firm

D. The flow of water is steady and sufficient

E. Pressure gauge is working satisfactorily and within its operating range

F. The entire length of hose should be inspected for signs of cracking,

distortion, wear or damage. If the hose shows any signs of defect, it shall

be replaced or proof tested to maximum permissible working pressure.

G. Hose clips or bindings are of the correct type and are securely fastened.

H. Hose drum rotates freely in both directions

I. For swinging reels, check that pivot rotates easily and that the reel swings

through 180°

J. On manual reels, check the valve is of correct type and that it operates

easily and correctly.

K. On automatic reels, check the correct operation of the automatic valve and

check for the correct operation of the isolating service valve

L. Check the condition of the water supply pipe work; particular attention

should be paid to any flexible pipe work for signs of damage or wear.


M. If fitted with a cabinet, check for signs of damage and check that the

cabinet doors open freely to minimum 170° to allow the hose run out freely

in any direction.

N. Check that the nozzle is of the correct type and easy to operate

O. Check the operation of any hose guide and ensure they are correctly and

firmly fixed

P. Leave the hose reel and hose system ready for immediate use. If any

extensive maintenance is necessary the hose reel or hose system should

be labeled OUT OF ORDER and the competent Person should inform the


Q. When transparent material is used as a part of the construction of the

door, then this shall not be used as the emergency access to the hose reel.

R. An opening /closing device of the cabinet shall be provided to allow

periodical inspection and maintenance. The opening device shall have

provision for a security seal to be fitted. The force necessary to open and

secure the seal shall be not less than 20N and not more than 40N.

S. The screw down valve shall be positioned in the cabinet for manual hose

reel in such a way that there is at least 35mm free space around the

external diameter of the hand wheel, the valve is in any position from fully

open to fully closed.

Discharge Property




Diameter Inlet Size Flow Rate at 2 bar/ 6

bar (Jet/Spray) (L/M)

Throw Range

at 2 bar

Jet/Spray 6 mm 3/4’’(19mm) 24/41 11.2

Jet/Spray 8 mm 1’’(25mm) 39/68 11.2

Jet/Spray 12 mm 1 1/4’’(33mm) 90/156 11.2

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